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Greer's Catering

We have some of the best chefs and cooks in the South and we are happy to cater any event you may have. "Greer's Famous Fried Chicken" has been known far and wide for years, but we can do the fancy stuff too!

Greer's Catering

Congratulations to Gray and our Greer's Team for winning the 2016 Professional Chef Award at this year's 12th Annual Fairhope Rotary Steak Cook-Off!

2016 Professional Chef Winner

Greer's Markets since 1916

Special Cakes for Special Occasions

Our experienced and creative Cake Decorators love to help make your special occasions even more special with just the right bakery cake. Our Baby's First Cake orders come with a free mini cake. To place an order, please contact your local Greer's Deli/Bakery or email catering@greers.com .

Baby's 1st Birthday

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