fried chicken

Greer's Food Tiger

Finest Quality Meat

  • Black Angus Beef, All Natural Pork and Chicken
  • Assortment of Specialty Meats
  • Unbeatable Pick 5 Selection
  • Prepared Fresh - Every Day!

#1 Triple Inspected Produce

  • Inspected in the field, at the warehouse and in our store

Large Selection of Grocery

  • Items you love! Frozen, organic and gluten free
  • National brands and our award winning Best Choice and Always Save private label products
  • Wide Variety of Wines, Craft and Regular Beer

  • (Full Service in McIntosh only; however, some items may be available in some stores)
  • Delicious home cooked meals
  • Ribs and rotisserie chicken
  • Grab and Go selections
  • Best fried chicken on the planet
  • Fresh salads
  • Specialty cheese, dips and crackers
  • Fresh baked breads, cookies, cakes and more
  • Special order cakes for most any occasion, including Baby's First Birthday!

Our Greer's Guarantee is a clean, friendly store with full variety at the absolute lowest price -- every day!

When it comes to freshness and quality


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